To Effectively Implement and Sustain Our Program,

The Purple Hands Pledge® sets the standard for Safety, Respect for Self & Others, and
Equality in ALL Relationships!


Self Control

Respect for Self and Others

Accountability for our Words and Actions

To Effectively Implement and Sustain At All Grade Levels (Pre-K – 12) :

  • To ensure effective implementation and sustainable outcomes, it is necessary for all schools to utilize the resources provided in the K-12 School Implementation Kit.   
  • Provide staff training.  Show the “Power of One” 10-minute training film for staff of all age/grade levels. 
  • Explain the significance of the Purple Hand/Red Heart Logo.  Why is the Hand Purple? Why is the Red Heart in the palm?  
  • Explain the significance of the 14-word Purple Hands Pledge®.    
  • Each child and adult who takes this Purple Hands Pledge® will trace their hand on purple paper, cut out their handprint, and sign their name.
    • Purple Hands Pledges should be displayed in a prominent place as a reminder of their commitment to themselves and others.                       
  • Reciting the 14-word Purple Hands Pledge® daily, school-wide has proven to be most effective in reducing bullying behavior while creating opportunities for intervention and prevention of bullying, abuse, violence, and suicide.
  • Emphasize the vital importance of visual and verbal repetition of the Purple Hands Pledge® year-round.                
  • The Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project® is most effective when presented school-wide. Ours is a universal school-based program establishing and maintaining positive social and emotional school climates.    
  • Official Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project® materials displayed in the school (banners, posters, window decals, etc.) posted year-round. 
  • Staff and students Purple Hands Pledges traced, signed, and displayed year-round.  
  • Our Award-Winning Program is effective with both verbal and visual repetition!    
  • Inexpensive (compared to other bully prevention curriculum/programs)  
  • The Purple Hands Pledge® (school-wide) helps students build skills to reduce their impulsivity and increase their empathy as a “universal” school-based program with minimal distraction from class instruction time. 
  • A perfect example of how we work with any and all programs: “The Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team felt that having the students take this pledge will act as a reminder of how important it is to treat everyone with kindness.”     
  • Time-efficient for staff to remind students when they forget their Purple Hands Pledge®   
  • Students stand up for themselves and each other (eliminating bystanders)               
  • Partners are encouraged to be artistic and creative when displaying their Purple Hands Pledges 
    • Purple paper (or purple latex paint) is necessary to emphasize the significance of the Purple Hands Pledge® and its impactful meaning. 
    • Each hand is unique to each individual! Do NOT use a template.

Possible Funding Resources

  • Grant Opportunities
  • Reach out to your Schools Parent Club
  •  Does your School have a Business Partner? 
  •  Local Service Organizations: Rotary, Kiwanis, Soroptimist, etc. 
  • Set up Fundraisers

Prevention ~ Intervention ~ Healing ~ Changing Lives ~ Saving Lives

Preschool Implementation Kit
K-12 School Implementation Kit