To Effectively Implement and Sustain Our Program,

The Purple Hands Pledge® sets the standard for Safety, Respect for Self & Others, and
Equality in ALL Relationships!


Self Control

Respect for Self and Others

Accountability for our Words and Actions

Educators around the world affirm from experience this program is very simple to implement and sustain that requires minimal distraction from class instruction time.

How To Effectively Implement and Sustain At All Grade Levels (Pre-K–12)

  • To ensure effective implementation and sustainable outcomes, it is necessary for all schools to utilize the resources provided in the K-12 School Implementation Kit.   
  • Provide staff training.  Show the “Power of One” 10-minute training film for staff of all age/grade levels. 
  • Explain the significance of the Purple Hand/Red Heart Logo.  Why is the Hand Purple? Why is the Red Heart in the palm?  
  • Explain the significance of the 14-word Purple Hands Pledge®.    
  • Each child and adult who takes this Purple Hands Pledge® will trace their hand on purple paper, cut out their handprint, and sign their name.
    • Purple Hands Pledges should be displayed in a prominent place as a reminder of their commitment to themselves and others.                       
  • Reciting the 14-word Purple Hands Pledge® daily, school-wide has proven to be most effective in reducing bullying behavior while creating opportunities for intervention and prevention of bullying, abuse, violence, and suicide.
  • Emphasize the vital importance of visual and verbal repetition of the Purple Hands Pledge® year-round.                
  • The Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project® is most effective when presented school-wide. Ours is a universal school-based program establishing and maintaining positive social and emotional school climates.    
  • Official Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project® materials displayed in the school (banners, posters, window decals, etc.) posted year-round. 
  • Staff and students Purple Hands Pledges traced, signed, and displayed year-round.  
  • Our Award-Winning Program is effective with both verbal and visual repetition!    
  • Inexpensive (compared to other bully prevention curriculum/programs)  
  • The Purple Hands Pledge® (school-wide) helps students build skills to reduce their impulsivity and increase their empathy as a “universal” school-based program with minimal distraction from class instruction time. 
  • A perfect example of how we work with any and all programs: “The Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team felt that having the students take this pledge will act as a reminder of how important it is to treat everyone with kindness.”     
  • Time-efficient for staff to remind students when they forget their Purple Hands Pledge®   
  • Students stand up for themselves and each other (eliminating bystanders)               
  • Partners are encouraged to be artistic and creative when displaying their Purple Hands Pledges 
    • Purple paper (or purple latex paint) is necessary to emphasize the significance of the Purple Hands Pledge® and its impactful meaning. 
    • Each hand is unique to each individual! Do NOT use a template.

Possible Funding Resources

  • Grant Opportunities
  • Reach out to your Schools Parent Club
  •  Does your School have a Business Partner? 
  •  Local Service Organizations: Rotary, Kiwanis, Soroptimist, etc. 
  • Set up Fundraisers

Prevention ~ Intervention ~ Healing ~ Changing Lives ~ Saving Lives

Preschool Implementation Kit
K-12 School Implementation Kit