Purple Hands Ambassadors — Student Activists

Purple Hands Student Activists volunteer with courage, compassion, and commitment to making their school and community a place of safety and inclusivity where everyone is valued. The Purple Hands Pledge® is a simple way to open conversations with peers to address the issues of bullying, abuse, violence, & self-harm. The positive outcomes of their efforts include developing connections, relationship building, communication skills, and critical thinking skills. 

It takes time to create social change. Our best hope for positive change is in the hearts and hands of our youth. 

Purple Hands Ambassadors in Action!

Walker Middle School Students of Salem, OR present at the Cesar E. Chavez Student Leadership Conference
– Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR 

McNary High School Students Marching With A Purpose – Iris Festival Parade, Kezier, OR

Marion County Oregon Commissioners Kevin Cameron, Janet Carlson, and Sam Brentano present the 20th Annual Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Week Proclamation to Student Activists representing West & North Salem High Schools– Salem, OR


“The Purple Hands Pledge® and the act of saying it with my peers brought a sense of self-confidence and conviction. We devoted ourselves to making a difference. All it takes is a little curiosity and compassion.” David Blake, McNary High School


“Take action with your words in this time of uncertainty and reach out to friends or peers who might be struggling. The Purple Hands Pledge® is so important! It must be taught and practiced school-wide throughout our developmental years preparing us for a healthy future. ” Loryn Studer, South Salem High School