Purple Hands Pledge®

“I Will Not Use My Hands Or My Words For Hurting Myself Or Others”®

Fourteen words recited daily to help everyone PAY ATTENTION to the things
we say and do to ourselves and others that cause pain.

A Program for All Ages in Any Setting!

From School to Home: Three-year-old proudly teaches the Purple Hands Pledge® to his family!
Video Credit: Valley Vista Preschool
Montrose, California

Our Special Thanks to Mandy Grauerholz
Graduate from Western Oregon University
Majoring in ASL/ Deaf Studies

The Purple Hands Pledge® is an educational program that encourages dialogue about all forms of abuse and violence…from name-calling, belittling, put-downs, and negative self-talk (I’m stupid, ugly…), shoving, hitting… words and actions that can escalate to self-harm, suicide, and/or murder.

When taking the Purple Hands Pledge® you are asked to trace your hand on purple paper, sign your name and post your Pledge in your home, school, workplace, place of worship, wherever people live, work, pray, and play together, to serve as a visual reminder of your personal commitment to stop and think before you say or do anything hurtful. 

Anger is a Feeling.  Abuse and Violence is Always a Choice!

Every person can make a difference in stopping abuse, violence & suicide by Pledging:

Not to hurt yourself with words or actions

Not to use violence (verbal or physical) to control others

Not to tolerate any form of abuse from others – ask for help

To develop healthy relationships based on respect and equality

RESPECT:  to value, appreciate, care for and protect
EQUALITY:  having the same value as another

Everyone is included and treated with dignity and respect. 

I am Valuable! You are Valuable!
We are ALL valuable, irreplaceable human beings.
No one is better than another.

Our Purple Hands Pledges represent symbols of Unity as we reinforce and recognize the Power and Value of every individual’s choice to use our words and actions to help not to hurt ourselves or others.

Ages 3 to 103
A Promise You Keep For A Lifetime
Changing Lives. Saving Lives.

Ann S. Kelly 
Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project®