Grandhaven Elementary School — McMinnville, Oregon
Pre-K — 5th Grade
Grandhaven Elementary School began our Partnership in 2004, that continues today!

At the start of the year, after winter break, and again after spring break, students participate in Expectation Stations.

♥ During Expectation Stations, students and their teachers rotate to different stations to learn/review different school expectations (e.g., playground rules, cafeteria rules, and procedures, etc.) 

♥ One of the stations at the start of the year is the “Hands & Words” station. Students learn and review the meaning of the Purple Hands Pledge®, the significance of the logo, and start the process of taking the pledge (followed up in their classrooms).

♥ If needed, the “Hands & Words” station will be present at Expectation Stations after winter and spring break. 

Students at Grandhaven Elementary attend an all-school assembly once a month where they stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and follow with the Purple Hands Pledge®

Classroom teachers are expected to say the Pledge of Allegiance in class at least once a week, followed by the Purple Hands Pledge®

“We do believe that students have an increased awareness of how their words and actions affect others after taking the Pledge.” – Stephanie Legard, Principal