Enhanced Digital Guided Education (EDGE) — Salem-Keizer Public Schools
Salem, Oregon

EDGE students and the entire school community are encouraged to take the Purple Hands Pledge®
and display their Purple Hands on the “EDGE Community Wall“. 

♥ EDGE is a robust virtual online learning program for students in grades K-12 that is deeply connected to their schools and powered by Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

♥ EDGE students are connected to high-quality, rigorous, and well-rounded learning opportunities, including instructional support, English language development support, and more.

With the EDGE program, parents can be closely involved in their child’s daily education. They’re able to see real progress every day using our online learning system and working with supportive SKPS teachers to keep their students on track.

Because EDGE is directly connected to students’ schools, kids that choose to enroll in this program will have the benefit of pacing their own learning while having flexibility.

♥ EDGE Parents/Guardians received more information about the Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project® and are encouraged to take the Purple Hands Pledge® with their student(s) and other family members.