Bartol Kašić Elementary School — Vinkovci, Croatia 

Primary School Students Participate in Purple Hands Pledge® Display
Translation: Živim Život Bez Nasilja → I Live a Life Without Violence 

The “I Live a Life Without Violence” Project joined 8th-grade students with the project “Today I Got Flowers.” Performed by students: Ana Previšić, Žaklina Grine, Ivanka Lovrić, Martina Lukenda, Marina Puškarić, Zrinka Jurić, Antonela Jovković, Marija Živocki, Iva Pastor, Claudia Mičanović.

“Student’s masks creatively show the pain caused by abuse and violence. A very dramatic visual that tells a story.”
Ann S. Kelly Founder/Director
Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project®

“In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly officially accepted the date of November 25th as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It is our commitment to promote a culture of non-violence and mutual respect for the sexes – to promote a life free of violence.” – Bartol Kašić Elementary School in Vinkovci, Croatia

How did they do it? 
Adrijana Cvrkovic Lasic/Director/Prof. explains it all!

While searching on internet sites of organizations dealing with preventing violence, protecting victims of domestic violence, and providing legal and interesting programs we have come across your site.

We were immediately attracted to the quality of work and interest, and useful work for the community.

I was looking for something striking and interesting for the age of our students. Then I found your site on the internet and thought – that is what we need for our school.
We are an elementary school that has 490 students from 1st-8th grade, aged 6-14 years.
We found a lot of common interests, and we admire your contribution.
We are very fascinated by the Purple Hands Pledge®. 
In our school, we implement prevention programs, for the prevention of violence. Yesterday we had an event on preventing violence among youth.
Our students are looking forward to talking about the Hands Project and exchanging experiences about life and common interests.
All our students have promised- Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting.
We repeat the Purple Hands Pledge® and Purple Hands of all our students are in the school hallway as a visual reminder.