Francisco de Paula Santander — Cauca, Colombia

Luz Dari Lasso Manrique – English Teacher

Luz Dari Lasso Manrique (left), introduces the Hands & Words Project and the Purple Hands Pledge® to children and families at the Cultural Week Event.

“This event was very interesting and in my school, there is already less violence with words and hands.”
– Luz Dari Lasso Manrique

Luz Dari Lasso Manrique, an English Teacher at Francisco de Paula Santander, in the municipality of El Tambo department of Cauca in Colombia first learned about the Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project® in 2019 when Caye Poe and John Francis of Yamhill County, Oregon introduced the Purple Hands Pledge® to students, teachers, and administrators while doing humanitarian work in Colombia.

Luz jumped at the opportunity to implement our Purple Hands program in her region, as violence was a prevailing issue.

At her school, Francisco de Paula Santander, 750 children from ages 5 to 19 attended school and were introduced to the Purple Hands Pledge®.

Luz’s 8th-grade class of 35 students took on the Pledge and were eager to teach their neighboring schools about the Purple Hands Pledge® during their Cultural Week Event in August.

 Students chose this week specifically because many students, children, and families were expected to visit. This was the perfect opportunity to spread our message!

“My partners tell me this group is special because they practice every day the Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Pledge.”
– Luz Dari Lasso Manrique

Purple Hands Pledge® in Colombia!

In this video, you can see Luz Dari Lasso Manrique leading her students in the Purple Hands Pledge®

Luz and her students begin by holding their hands out in front of themselves to symbolize holding all of the hurt and pain they have given or received

After they complete the Pledge they throw their hands behind to symbolize a new beginning free of abuse, bullying, violence & suicide

A perfect example of how creative you can be with our Purple Hands Pledge®!