Yahara Elementary School — De Forest, Wisconsin
K-3rd Grade

Our Partnership with Yahara Elementary School began in 2018 and Continues Today!

Roz Craney, Principal & District Safety Coordinator brought the Purple Hands Pledge® to the students of Yahara;
“We Live it” – Roz Craney, Principal

♥ Mr. Craney visits each classroom at the start of the year to explain the meaning of the Pledge & the Logo’s Significance.

♥ After each visit, classrooms receive an Official Poster as a “present,” to remind students of their promise to themselves and their peers.

♥ Students at Yahara, K-3rd Grade, recite the
Purple Hands Pledge® daily!

“Over the course of a student’s educational experience at
De Forest Area School District (DASD) he/she will participate in many activities relating to acceptance and tolerance, including: The Purple Hand Pledge…” — DASD Official Website

Roz Craney, Principal, Yahara Elementary School

Yahara Elementary's Purple Hands Pledge® Display