Foxview Intermediate School — De Pere, Wisconsin

Year after year, Foxview Intermediate students receive an official Purple Hands wristband as a tangible reminder of their promise.

“The students at Foxview recite the Purple Hands Pledge® each day to raise awareness of tolerance and to stop bullying proactively.”

Foxview Intermediate School

The Purple Hands Pledge® is a nationwide tool for building an atmosphere of tolerance and peaceful problem-solving.

Foxview Intermediate School

“The pledge encourages dialogue about all forms of bullying; from name-calling and negative self-talk to physical abuse.”

Foxview Intermediate School

“The Purple Hands Pledge® was a perfect fit for me to be able to bring my own story into not using your words to hurt others or yourself, I couldn’t have asked for a better platform than what you guys provided us.”

Officer Dennis Gladwell, Foxview Intermediate Police Liaison Officer

“As they moved from 6th grade up to middle school, the banner went with them as a reminder that they took the pledge.”

Officer Dennis Gladwell, Foxview Intermediate Police Liaison Officer

“Kind of neat to see how the kids in 8th grade still going to the banner and looking their names up and remembering what we talked about.”

Officer Dennis Gladwell, Foxview Intermediate Police Liaison Officer

“The Purple Hands Pledge® is a fundamental part of the culture at Foxview Intermediate School. Each year, students take the Pledge and sign a generously donated quilt that hangs in the school cafeteria. Hear from students what the Pledge means to them and why it helps make Foxview such a special learning environment.” – Unified School District of De Pere. October 17, 2022

“Kindness and a spirit of community are supported with an annual Kindness Retreat. Anti-bullying and inclusivity are reinforced via Foxview’s Purple Hands Pledge® ceremony in which students pledge they will not use their hands or their words to harm themselves or others. Surveys help to identify students who are struggling or isolated so appropriate support can be offered. Community building is achieved through a series of schoolwide celebrations and traditions as part of the school’s Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) programming.” – Foxview Intermediate School

How did they do it?

The principal, counselor, and police liaison officer hold a school-wide Purple Hands Pledge® assembly within the first month of each school year.  An outstanding way to set the standard of respect for self and others, creating a safe and welcoming learning environment.

Scroll Through The Slideshow & Don’t Miss Officer Galdwell’s Video: A simple and creative way to effectively implement and practice The Purple Hands Pledge® throughout the school year!

“Community and being a good classmate are just 2 of the things that we emphasize at our school.  We also combine our expectations of Be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible (PBIS expectations) into our assembly. We have the Purple Hands Pledge® in every room.  Classrooms will restate it each time they watch the announcements on Monday mornings. At the end of the assembly, all students and staff sign the quilt and it is displayed in our commons.  We then send it to the Middle School to be displayed when the new one is put up.”
– Mark Kirst, Assistant Principal-Foxview Intermediate School

Annual Purple Hands Pledge® Assembly Welcomes Officer Dennis Gladwell to share his story of being bullied as a child with the kids of Foxview Intermediate.

Check out Officer Gladwell’s creative anti-bullying approach engaging the students in a powerful and empowering music video.

This video is a law enforcement lip sync video that the De Pere Police Department is using during their anti-bullying program in the local schools.

The message in this song makes us Hopeful that we can stop all bullying.

Purple Hands Pledge Ceremony
October 6, 2023

Purple Hands Pledge Celebration
October 11, 2021

September 20, 2018—
“Yesterday was our Purple Hand Pledge® assembly, where students pledge to use their words and hands in positive ways and not to hurt. A big thanks to Officer Gladwell for sharing with us!”

September 27, 2017 —
” Today we had students take the Purple Hand Pledge® as a part of National Bully Awareness Month. The pledge states that students won’t use their hands or words to hurt themselves​ or others.”

September 29th, 2016 —
” On Wednesday our students signed the Purple Hand Pledge®, committing to use their hands and words to help, not to hurt, others.”

September 28th, 2015 —
“Thank you Mr. Buckman for hanging our Purple Hand Pledge® banner in the commons! It will be a continuing reminder throughout the school year of our commitment to take care of one another.”