[Not a valid template]“This is our third year doing the Hands Pledge and I must tell you, it is such a wonderful program for our students, their families and our community!

I start the year off by doing guidance lessons for all students, talking about violence–the various forms of violence that we experience, observe, or participate in. We discuss and write about how the Pledge can change our school, home life, neighborhood (community) and even the world, for the better. We trace and cut out our hands, have family and community members do that as well, and we display them in the hallway and in classrooms. Our Pledge Assembly kicks off our efforts. We also say the Pledge every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance. This year we had our assembly on October 23, as a kick off activity for Healthy Choices week. Making the Pledge to end violence is a healthy choice for all of us! Bucky Badger, our University of Wisconsin mascot, beloved to everyone in the state, came to our assembly and took the Pledge with us.

Having this common framework to talk with our students about their behavior has been very effective in correcting and reducing hurtful behavior in school.”

— Linda Bergh

Linda Bergh MS.Ed., NCSC
School Counselor
Eagle Point Elementary School
201 N. Cleveland Ave.
DeForest, WI 53532

Counselor of the Year Award

Eagle Point WI_1Eagle Point Elementary has been a partner since 2004. School Counselor, Linda Bergh, was awarded the prestigious 2012-13 Counselor of Year Award for the State of Wisconsin.

This news article provides information about Linda Bergh’s outstanding achievements and her use and support of the Hands Project in her school: http://dasdnews.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/linda-bergh-named-wisconsin-special-services-teacher-of-the-year/

The “Hands and Words are Not for Hurting Project” (also known as the Hands Pledge) is a non-violence and anti-bullying initiative Bergh brought to Eagle Point several years ago. Students, families, and community members take a pledge to end violence of all types. The success of this program at Eagle Point has spread districtwide and even to some neighboring districts.