Board of Directors

Salem-Keizer School District 24J

Salem, Oregon


WHEREAS,      a world without abuse and violence is a dream we all share; and

WHEREAS,      we acknowledge that any form of mistreatment of another is abuse; and

WHEREAS,      abuse can be in the form of verbal, mental or physical; and often escalates to further violence; and

WHEREAS,      we believe that all people have the right to live free of abuse and violence; and

WHEREAS,      we believe that every person can make a difference in stopping abuse and violence by not using violence to control others, by not tolerating any form of abuse from others, and by developing healthy relationships at every age and in all circumstances based on respect and equality; and

WHEREAS,      we recognize and support the efforts of District staff and our community in promoting respect and equality for all people, teaching conflict resolution behaviors, and helping students learn how to stop abusive cycles; and

WHEREAS: we recognize the Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Project’s Pledge is an effective tool in abuse and violence prevention education; and

NOW THEREFORE, the Board of Directors of Salem-Keizer School District 24J

Proclaims October 16-22, 2011, to be the 14th Annual National


in the Salem-Keizer School District.  We call upon our community to observe October 16-22 2011 as the “Hands & Words Are Not For Hurting Week” and encourage everyone in the community to take the Pledge:  “I Will Not Use My Hands Or My Words For Hurting Myself Or Others.”®

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