Living Hope Ministries Zambia
Chingola, Zambia

We Welcome Our New Partnership with Brother Titus Mambwe & Paita Mambwe
at Living Hope Ministries Zambia!

“We remain looking forward to a stronger partnership. Serving the vulnerable together.”– Br. Titus Mambwe

Chingola Orphanage and Aged Centre (CORAC), an NGO, provides care of vulnerable and marginalized people, orphans, widows, and those with disabilities & HIV/AIDS. 

The age range of individuals varies from 3 years upwards. There are some very old and aged people in their communities.

Living Hope Ministries is involved in children and youth work. They visit and minister over 50 Churches as the need arises.  

Living Hope Ministries Zambia has over five thousand people under their ministry.
Listen to the Voices of the Children!
We All Smile in the Same Language!