How To Use This Site

How to use this site…

Do I need Software?

There is a bit of multimedia on this website. Most PCs and Macs will be fine, but just in case, here’s a list of plug-ins you might need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any software for this site to work properly?
A: See the box on the right… >>
Q: How does Hands Project decide what resources to include on the website?
A: Answer?
Q: How can I get written materials about the Hands Project?
A: Answer?
Q: My school or organization is missing. What can we do?
A: Call or contact us through our contact page.

Site Navigation

This site is built using the latest Internet Standards with the intent to be as accessible to as many individuals as possible. It has been tested across 3 major platforms, and should deliver accurately on most computers.

Although optimized for screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and above, the website is viewable at 800 x 600, albeit with some horizontal and vertical scrolling needed.

At the top of the page, below the Hands title are links to major categories within the site. You’ll also find links to individual pages along the lefthand side of each page.

Also, below the Black navigation bar, you’ll find “breadcrumbs”, which are links that show you where you are on the website. You can always click on a link before your current page to go back.  If all this is too confusing, use the SITE MAP to find your way.

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